MLS - Multiple Listing Service
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MLS is a Multiple Listing Service. MLS is a real estate marketing database set up by a real estate professionals or a group of cooperating brokers. The purpose of the MLS is to provide accurate and detailed data about properties for sale. MLS also is a mechanism for listing brokers and agents to offer compensation to buyer brokers and agents who bring a buyer for their listed properties.

Each MLS listing has its own rules, guidelines and procedures. If the members are all real estate professionals, then the rules are patterned on regulations and instructions published by the National Association of Realtors®.

There are many online MLS search services that provides detailed information about real estate properties nationwide. When you apply for a commission advance you need to provide a copy of the MLS.




When searching for MLS it is better to search by state:

MLS Alabama   

MLS Alaska

MLS Arizona

MLS Arkansas

MLS California

MLS Colorado

MLS Connecticut

MLS Delaware

MLS Florida

MLS Georgia

MLS Hawaii

MLS Idaho

MLS Illinois

MLS Indiana

MLS Iowa

MLS Kansas

MLS Kentucky

MLS Louisiana

MLS Maine

MLS Maryland

MLS Massachusetts

MLS Michigan

MLS Minnesota

MLS Mississippi

MLS Missouri

MLS Montana

MLS Nebraska

MLS Nevada

MLS New Hampshire

MLS New Jersey

MLS New Mexico

MLS New York

MLS North Carolina

MLS North Dakota

MLS Ohio

MLS Oklahoma

MLS Oregon

MLS Pennsylvania

MLS Rhode Island

MLS South Carolina

MLS South Dakota

MLS Tennessee

MLS Texas

MLS Utah

MLS Vermont

MLS Virginia

MLS Washington

MLS West Virginia

MLS Wisconsin

MLS Wyoming